Where does the name [Ada] come from?

[Ada] is named after Ada Lovelace, who wrote the algorithm for the world's first computer program.... She is an inspiration to us and the reason why the [Ada] app is possible today.

Why should your company use [Ada]?

[Ada's] vision is to enable lifelong learning in everyday professional life and to make women's strengths heard and visible. Recent studies show that providing personal and professional growth opportunities and a diverse environment help recruit, hire and retain more women.

What approach does [Ada] take?

[Ada] combines Female Empowerment with Lifelong Learning using the micro-learning approach. For this, [Ada] uses gamification & educational methods such as mini quizzes and regular calls to action to promote continuous growth.

How long should someone use [Ada] to see impact?

Following the principle of lifelong learning we suggest using the [Ada] App for at least a year in order to see great impact. 

How do I purchase [Ada] for my organization?

You can buy access to the [Ada] App right here on our website. If you’re interested in empowering your larger organization please contact us directly at business@adapowerwoman.at.

How can I get access to the [Ada] App without my company buying it for me?

You are welcome to buy a single license on our website directly. While we intend for [Ada] to affect organizational transformation via female empowerment, we are glad to offer the tools in the [Ada] App to anyone who wants to try them.

How many [Ada] licenses should I buy for my company?

We recommend that every woman in your organization has access to [Ada]. For impact purposes, it is best to enable an entire team or department at the same time although we can easily provide access to a specific list of women you provide.

Is [Ada] really only for women?

In principle, the content of [Ada] is aimed at women. However, this does not preclude men from using the app. We believe that men in the company would benefit from understanding the scenarios and challenges that women face. To convince male employees as well, we recommend speaking directly with the [Ada] Customer Success team. empower@adapowerwoman.at


Can I test [Ada] free of charge?

Yes, you can use the [Ada] app for free for 10 days. After that you can decide if you want to continue using the app.  

What do I need to get started?

All you have to do is provide an email address that you will use for [Ada] and then download the app from the App Store or Play Store.

Do I need a smartphone to use [Ada]?

Yes. The [Ada] app works on all smartphones that have the latest version of Apple iOS or Android installed. If you think you have a problem with your device, please contact us.

Is my data safe in the [Ada] app?

Yes, only you can access your profile via access to your email address. Your company can not access any of your usage data such as which videos you watch, quizzes you answer, or videos you like or skip.

Can I deactivate or delete my account in the [Ada] app?

Yes, if for any reason in the future you want to suspend your weekly schedule of [Ada] content or delete your profile, you can do so directly in the app in the "Me" profile section.

What do I do if I think I have found a bug in the [Ada] app???

Contact us! We'd love to know if we missed something! Write to us at info@adapowerwoman.at.

How can I tell you if I like the [Ada] app?

You can rate our app directly in the Play Store or App Store, or you can use the link directly in the [Ada] app. Thank you for your feedback!